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Closed for the redevelopment


Monday 9am – 12.30pm | Seacliff Uniting Church Hall

The Marion Art Group continue to create together on Monday mornings at the studio sessions at Seacliff Uniting Church Hall, Wheatland Street. The next exhibition is in October at Brighton Central Shopping Centre.
Visit the Marion Art Group’s’ website.

KatKow Yoga

Brighton Uniting Church Hall and Over 50’s Club, Hove

Yoga conditions the body and mind and restores energy, vitality and balance.  Katrina will assist you in finding your inner KatKow to take you to better health. Visit KatKow’s website.


Sessions at Seacliff Uniting Church Hall and Marion Leisure and Fitness Centre
AERObic Gymnastics are thrilled to be able to continue their training in the local area. Their recreational program has availability for new athletes so if your child enjoys Gymnastics and Dance please touch base with them. Register for your free Come and Try session via the website.

Budokai Martial Arts

Wednesday evening |Seacliff Uniting Church Hall
Budokai (Association of Martial Ways) is the practice and dissemination of several Asian fighting arts as passed down from Chinese and Japanese masters. The Chief Instructor is Bill Fettes – Sotokushin Aikdo (6th Dan), Shindo Muso ryu jodo (Go moku roku, 4th dan), Toda Ha Buko ryu (Chuden), Yang, Chen and simplified Taiji chuan, Xingyi chuan, Bagua zhang. Visit Budokai’s website here

Give Me Strength

Tuesday and Thursday morning | Seacliff Uniting Church Hall
Live Longer, Live Stronger. Fitness for 50+. Stay active and independent with everyday activities like shopping, gardening and climbing stairs. Prevent or manage chronic conditions. Manage weight, improve posture, balance, coordination and flexibility. For more information or to book an assessment contact Margaret on 0418 191 991 or email sherlock@elementaryfitness.com.au.


Tuesdays 5.45pm – 6.45pm |Seacliff Uniting Church Hall
BRINGING A NIGHT OUT TO YOUR WORKOUT! Clubbercise® is a fun full body workout with a banging soundtrack that gets great results. One session burns around 600 calories. The routines combine dance, toning and combat moves with options to suit all fitness levels. Classes are held in a darkened room with disco lights and our trademark LED glow sticks. Phone Courtney on 0408 743 305

Zumba Gold with Kelly Lakeman

Wednesday 10am – 11am | Seacliff Uniting Church Hall
Zumba with Kelly Lakeman is Fun & Easy to follow using Low Impact Latin inspired moves to a range of music that will have you singing and dancing! You must be 60+ years old to join in. Registration is essential. To register or for more info contact Kelly on 0400 959 452 or email kelly@lakeman.me.

Venture Theatre

Wednesday nights | Trott Park Neighbourhood Centre
Venture Theatre Company has been creating and performing local theatre in the Southern Suburbs since 1975. We perform plays and pantomimes from a variety of genres. We are always welcoming new members to join us onstage or behind the scenes. We also encourage local playwrights to send us their scripts to venturetc@gmail.com as we love producing locally written material.

Pilates with Kerry

Saturday 9.30am – 10.30am | Brighton Masonic Centre
Kerry has been instructing pilates for 15 years with a teaching style that supports mind/body awareness. Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. Contact Kerry on 0408 651 887 or houseofzenhabits@gmail.com

Confetti Dance

Now at Clovelly Park, Mitchell Park, Westbourne Park and Woodcroft
Visit Confetti Dance’s website www.confettidance.com.au for details. Encouraging young children, between 2 and 7 years, to find a love of dance and movement through colour, imagination and individuality. With no big concerts, uniforms or costumes, we foster a passion for dance without the fuss. Offering Kinderballet™ programs, as well as a super fun Jazz class to get your little one moving and grooving. 

Repair Cafe

Sunday 1pm – 4pm | Seacliff Uniting Church Hall
Every third Sunday of the month.

15/7/23, 19/8/23, 16/9/23, 21/10/23 and 19/11/23
Check our Facebook page for details.

Little Marino Market

Sunday 1pm – 5pm | Cove Civic Centre, Hallett Cove
Last Sunday of the month.

30/7/23, 27/8/23 and 24/9/23

The Little Marino Market is now at the Cove Civic Centre. With its modern facilities, program opportunities and space for food trucks, we look forward to what is ahead this year.

For enquiries contact littlemarinomarket@gmail.com or see our Facebook page

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For enquiries and more information:

Email: 5049marinohall@gmail.com

Phone: 0417 804 307.

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44 Newland Avenue, Marino (corner of Bakewell Ave)